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 He got his name because everyone was afraid to touch him. He had a horrible under bite and his bottom K9 teeth stuck out from his muzzle. He was part Chow and part Rottweiler. He had a very soft coat, so children loved to pet him. But he walked with a funny gait, kind of hopped. We called him an old mule. Children would come into my business and Coot would be laying in the isle and children would come in and be fascinated with the way he looked. I would tell him to go say hello and he would put his front paws on the counter and just eat up all the attention from the kids. But as soon as the parents would come in he would look at them and growl at them, then turn back around and lick their kid’s faces! We would laugh! Everyone was afraid of him because of his looks, so we said he had cooties and no one wanted to touch him. He was one of a kind and my best buddy. He passed away due to cancer when he was just seven years old. So we started a dog bakery in his honor so he is never forgotten.

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